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Fiorio is proud to be associated with Revlon Professional Brands. By partnering with Revlon Professional we are able to continue our pursuit in providing our clients with the very best in haircare. Revlon Professional Brands offers world renowned brands including Revlon Professional, Revlonissimo, UniqOne, Style Masters, Nutri-Colour Cream, Equave, American Crew, CND (Creative Nail Design), Orofluido and d:fi exclusively to salon professionals.




Beauty often comes at a price and unfortunately hair salons play a major role in contributing to that price tag. Salons generate a lot of waste and use a lot of chemicals, two things that are in no way good for the environment.

A lot of the products that are essential to a salon’s daily tasks, shampoo & conditioner, color for hair dye, and perm chemicals contain nasty ingredients that don’t mix well, or break down well in the natural environment.

Enter Green Circle salons. Green Circle salons have found solutions to these environmental issues by offering a recycling program that not only recycles colour tubes, and foils, but also human hair and the left over colour that normally gets washed down the drain.

By paying $1 at the end of every service, you are helping to reduce your environmental footprint and provide researchers with a new medium to work with.

Colour tubes collected from Fiorio are now recycled and reused in the hair industry. All hair is now used for a number of causes, for agricultural research, as a new innovative material for manufacturing and to use in hair booms to soak up oil spills throughout the world.

Our soul purpose at GCS is to enable salon professionals to reduce their impact on the planet, and in doing so, help to create a smarter, healthier, and more vibrant communities.

Green Circle Salons brings together some of the best brands from across the salon and spa industry as a way to offer you and your family, responsible, greener choices when it comes to your personal health and beauty. If you are looking to strike a greener balance and reduce your environmental impact in the pursuit to look and feel good-you have found just right the place to begin your search!

Find out more about Fiorio’s green initiative in TheGreenReport:

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